You said nothing about Trump’s strange behavior concerning Russia, including his call for Russia to be readmitted into the G-7 conference without it retreating from different sections of Ukraine. Nor do you mention that many people connected to him (e.g. Paul Manafort) have been indicted and even convicted. Instead, you attempted to portray Mueller as anti-Israel partisan without even one statement that can be attributed to him to support the claim. What you do have is the fact that Mueller oversaw an investigation in 2004(!) to determine if any credence should be given to the allegation of an Israeli spy ring. And he concluded that there was none! Isn’t that much better than having people attack American Jews or Israel with baseless suspicions? Isn’t it a reality that Jonathan Pollard was kept in prison for much too long precisely because of those suspicions? By dragging Israel into this mess, you may succeed in getting some of your readership to buy Trump’s alibis, but you may also be connecting Israel to an episode that no one should be proud of. This Tuesday, June 26 is primary election day for Federal elected officials. There are two Congressional acupuncture for gout seats on the ballot in Flatbush and it is very important that you vote. Primary elections always have low turnouts, which means your vote will count even more.

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